Chargers contact Antonio Gates about possible reunion

The Chargers took the first step toward a possible reunion with Antonio Gates, contacting the tight end’s representation.

Well, yes, but mostly no. Arrested players — on all NFL teams — are overwhelmingly well-paid adults who attended colleges on full scholarships.

That’s not a nationwide problem, that’s an NFL problem, the kind that makes civilized fans want to take off, or at least take a knee.

Perhaps Michael Kay, during his Yankees radio days, was irreversibly inculcated by John Sterling’s hysterical, all-the-same and often dead-wrong home run calls. But TV is a different animal — unless you’re one to ignore what you see to believe what you’re told.

Wednesday on YES, the Nationals’ Juan Soto hit a what-the-heck new Yankee Stadium-ridiculous home run. It was an opposite field pop-up, a former can of corn that nonetheless cleared the wall in left by less than not much.

I’ve always crossed that bridge when it happened, Suggs said, via the Baltimore Sun. I’ve never been one to jump into that topic before it was time. So I’m not going to worry about it now. There’s something more important that’s at stake right now.

With both sides apparently in no hurry to end a long working relationship, there wouldn’t seem to be much reason to worry about hammering out another deal even if it doesn’t happen before the calendar flips to 2019.

Conway appeared on CNN, where she was asked about the brouhaha following Trump’s disinviting the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles to the White House.

Host John Berman asked her to comment about whether Trump had indeed been demanding that NFL players express their patriotism.

The problem with the president of the United States, and the commander of cheese – chief – expressing that opinion is what? Conway said.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark) milked the flub on Twitter for all it’s worth.

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